Selfie Hunt - The global selfie game app

"Selfie Hunt" is a game-app for smartphones where the player (selfie-hunter) is hunting for points by beeing mostly one of the first taking a selfie at any place in the world.

The whole world is devided into squares of 100 * 100 m. If the selfie-hunter is the first, who takes a selfie inside one of this squares, he will get 30 points for his selfie. The second selfie-hunter will get 29 points and so on, till the thirtieth selfie-hunter will get the last point for this square. Every player only is allowed to take one selfie per square and only five selfies a day.

Try to be the best selfie-hunter and match yourself with the world, your country, your city or with your best friends.

That's the game! Selfie your world and be part of the Selfie Hunt

With a not immaterial part of the profit of our game app, we want to support social projects. For the beginning 10% of it will support "kids for adventure" a registered association which takes care of deprived kids and youngster in germany.
But our target is to support social projects all over the world with up to 50% of the profit depending on values of profit.
Selfie Game - Selfie Hunt